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TopKayaker.Net's Buyer Research Articles & Tools
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  • How to Choose a Sit-on-top Kayak Everything you should know before talking to a salesperson about choosing the best SOTK for you.
  • Kayak Design Terminology Defined Terms used to describe the various hull shapes and other design characteristics that determine a kayak's performance and "personality".
  • Kayak Clothing Buyer's Guide A detailed, illustrated guide of what watersports or paddle clothing to wear in a variety of climate situations. Fabrics, brands to look for.
  • Demo "DAZE" Kayaks are just like cars, there are many to choose from. Learn how to find & make the most of kayak demo days in your area.
  • Inflatable Kayaks: All about these packable craft from buying to storage & repair technique.
  • The Surf Kayak by Tom Holtey. Which sit-on-top kayaks surf best? Holtey names names in this paddle through the many varieties of models available.
  • Fishing & Diving Section: Dennis Spike, Mark Theobald & other experts share valuable instruction & advice on kayaks & gear.
  • Sailing Kayaks: How to use various sails and kites to take to the wind.
  • White Water Kayaks: Sit-on-top WW kayaks, technique, advice.
  • The Disabled Kayaker: Mark Theobald shares innovative accessories to help the disabled enjoy the freedoms of the sport.
  • PFDs - Life Vests: by Stan Bradshaw How To Choose The Best For You & Your Children; Life Saving Reasons To Wear One. This is an excerpt from the book "River Safety" where the author sites true accounts of canoe & kayak accidents and the role the PFDs played.
  • Clothing for Cold Weather Extending your sit-on-top season.
  • How To Choose A Kayak Paddle Sometimes it's your paddle, not the kayak, that is making you feel like you need a new boat.
  • Backrests, Knee Straps & Paddle Leashes Your sit-on-top kayak is naked without the basic accessories. Tom Holtey teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about these accessories but didn't know to ask.

Founders of TopKayaker.netAuthor of "Sit-on-top Kayaking, A Beginner's Guide" & "Tandem Sit-on-top Kayaking," Tom Holtey shares his expertise in these internet articles to put you ahead of the crowd when talking to any sales person about your kayak purchase. Holtey has sold and tested sit-on-top kayaks from their early beginnings over a decade ago in Honolulu, Hawaii. He taught classes in the sport at the University of Hawaii, has associated with many key designers in the industry, outfitted sit-on-tops to accommodate the varied needs of the local kayak club members, and put most of these models to the test over the years in a variety of conditions. Tom is an ACA Kayak Instructor and NOLS alumni.Tom & Athena Holtey's goal is to promote safe kayaking by educating the participants of this popular sport. Photo left: Tom & Athena Holtey, Founders of TopKayaker.net / Sit-on-topKayaking.com

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