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Field Review:
Dagger's Pegasus
White water kayaker Eric Barcley shares his adventures with a sit-on-top white water kayak.

Great Rappahannock Whitewater Canoe Race
by Eric Barcley

Moving Water Technique Henry E. Dorfman - River features are like instructions for disarming a bomb. They’re best read ahead of time. Watersports Clothing: A Buyer's Guide For Kayakers
Illustrated guide to fabric types & brands w/ charts for a variety of weather & climate situations.
Cold Weather Clothing and Paddling Tips Sit-on-top kayakers can extend their season with proper clothing and basic principles. "PFDs - Life Vests: Life Saving Reasons To Wear One Stan Bradshaw's stories with specific points on why, how and what kind of PFD you should wear. The Work of William Nealy The late white water expert & cartoonist continues to inspire & educate new generations of paddlers through his books. FIELD REVIEW - Ocean Kayak's Venus
A great review of the kayaks performance from our Forum member & seasoned whitewater paddler SeaShell Sharon.
White Water Sit-on-top Kayaking Henry E. Dorfman - Yes, you can run whitewater with a Sit-On-Top, and run it well, within limits. Our Inflatable Kayaks Section How to decide to buy & how to care for them. Over the years they have developed into packable paddle craft, from sea touring and river running kayaks. The PFD Knife, Don't Leave Home Without It
Trevor Gardner, of the New South Wales Sea Kayak Club explores the reasons to carry a knife while sea kayaking in this entertaining essay.
White Water Checklist & Lesson Tips
A white water lesson is an essential component to the process of safely enjoying the sport of river running.
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Whitewater Rescue Manual
The Essentiial Whitewater KayakerWilliam Nealy's WW Tales of Terror William Nealy updated releaseWhitewater Sit-on-top Manual

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