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Introduction To Expedition Kayaking
Iif you've never camped with your kayak, you are missing the greatest bliss of the sport. We'll help you get a handle on all aspects of kayak touring, from packing your kayak to planning your expedition. Here is an over-view of how to get the most from this index.
TomLong Distance Paddling A Run-of-the-mill Sit-on-top Kayak by Robert O. Hess. Expertise on the pros and cons of sit-on vs sit-in for long-distance touring.

Part II: Paddling Efficiently - valuable tips on paddling technique and rudder use.
Camping 101
Packing Your Sit-on-top Kayak
Signal Devices
Trip Planning & Navigation
Wilderness water
How To Purify Wilderness Water & Stow Water on a Kayak
Hydration systems and purification methods for fluid intake.
Packing Your Sit-on-top For Camping & Touring
Properly storing & packing your supplies ensures good paddling performance.
Kayak lights
Kayak Lights & Kayak Lighting
Techniques For Dawn, Dusk & Night Paddling - Stories of night surfing and dusk paddling precautions.
Planning Your Route and Finding Your Way with Kayak Navigation
Using a chart and compass to find your way through unfamiliar territory.
How To Eat In The Wild And Leave No Trace
Overview of every-thing you need to set up camp in the wilderness. Resource links.
large hatches
Large Cargo Hatches
Large size cargo hatches on touring kayaks & maintaining a waterproof seal.
VHF Radios
VHF Marine Radios
& Other Com Devices For the Kayaker by Tom Holtey
Crossing Currents & Calculating Ferry Angles
A paddler must angle into the current. Tom teaches methods for calculating how.
The Rules of The Wild
Encountering wildlife-Guidance and suggestions with links.
Basics of Strap Eyes, Rivets & Wellnuts
For Customization & Repair of Your Kayak.
Signal devices
Signal Devices
Proper use of appropriate signal devices every kayaker must know.
Expeditions: Formations & Com-munica-tions
Basic group management for trips.
Trashy Tips For Campers
by Tom Holtey - How to pack supplies and trash for low impact wilderness use.

6 inch kayak hatch installation
Six Inch Hatch Installation
Detailed instruction with photos for installing a hatch in your plastic kayak.

kayak lights
At Tom's TopKayaker Shop
- We carry a wide variety of kayak lights & Safety gear.
Group Paddling Techniques
Group Kayak Expeditions: Planning & Procedures

Outlines the details of organizing a group paddle.

More Trip Planning & Navigation: Also, don't miss our Safety or Instruction Sections

Keeping A "Ship's Log" For Kayakers

Record your kayak adventures to re-live & learn.
Fall Paddling Fun & Precautions

A practical guide to get the most out of the season - Fall and Hunting date information.
Fish & Game
State by State Directory of Fish & Game Departments

Fishing & Hunting rules & licensing for Kayak Touring.
Nav tool
Small Craft Navigation Tool
Make your own handy navigation tool using a protractor and piece if fine string.

Beaufort Windscale for Kayakers: A table to help you estimate windspeed or estimate water conditions by listening to windspeeds in a weather report.

Topo Maps, GPS and UTM Grid Readers
Because electronic devices can and do fail..
My Topo
U.S.G.S. Topo Maps Reveal The Adventure
Centers a map on your favorite paddling place.
Hobo cooking
Tom's Kayak Hobo Camp Cooking
Recipes and strategies for camping cuisine.
kayak wheels
- A cart configured this way will require no lifting, simply just pulling it behind like a wagon.
10 Years of Sea Kayaking To Learn This
- things go horribly wrong but great lessons are learned in this Best of The Forum thread.
Trip Leading
Trip Leading
by Curt Gashlin
Lessons implemented and lessons learned.

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