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Surf finshelmet

jim sammons
Launching & Landing In Surf
by Jim Sammons
Excellent advice on landing and launching through surf for kayak fishermen.

surf leash
Paddles & Leashes For Sit-on-top Kayak Surfing
a good paddle/leash combination is critically important.
Wetsuits for Sit-on-top Kayak Surfing
by Steve Eisenhauer
How to stay comfortable all year round.

surf basics
Sit-on-top Kayak Surfing Guide to Paddle Surfing Basics
Detailed "How To" on kayak surfing including The Rules Of The Wave.

right of way
Kayak Surfer's "Right Of Way" Rules
Competing with board surfers...Surf "Etiquette" you need to know.

"Helmet? I Don't Need No Stinking Helmet!"
As told by Greg C. of Ocean City Maryland. An entertaining yet educating narrative.

Hunt Johnsen
Cobra & Hunt Johnsen Designs - The Wave Witch
An interview in the designer's own words.

Strike vs Rapido
Cobra Strike Vs OK Rapido
Compared, with tips about outfitting of similar surf kayaks.

surf technique
Basic Surfing Techniques
Contributed by the British Canoe Union Surf Committee. A beautifully done manual on surfing manoeuvres.

Revision - Kaos
Sit-on-top Surf Kayaks
Cobra Revision compared to the WS Kaos by New Jersey Surf Kayaker Steve Eisenhauer
WavechaserWave Chaser Paddle Series
Helping paddlers extend their kayak season for year-round enjoyment.The Wave Chaser Paddle Series has become an annual event. Iincludes outriggers, surf skis, kayaks, and paddleboats, structured to encourage all, expert and newbie, to race their best while having a great time.
Val Goodfellow
Surfing New Zealand

Val shares his adventures with son Ian when they meet up with forum member PeteD for surfing & cultural fun.
choosing a surf kayak
Choosing A Surf Kayak
Holtey names names in this paddle through many varieties of models with links to surf kayak ratings by our Forum.

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