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CavesExploring Caves By Kayak
by Tom Holtey
Tom discusses Sea Cave safety and prerequisites for enjoying this exciting aspect of sea kayaking.
Caving SkillKayak Caving In Hawaii & Asia
By John Gray Caving skills for kayakers, a veteran kayak caver sharing paddling skills necessary to enjoy this thrilling sport.
Cave BasicsSea Cave Basics
By Dave Bunnell
Dave has explored and surveyed over 500 sea caves. Carved by the power of oceans, sea caves may be gentle or treacherous to explore.
John GrayDesigning A Kayak For Caving
Profile of John Gray founder of Sea Canoe and designer of the Sea Explorer Inflatable Kayak.
Surf TechniquesBasic Surfing Techniques
A beautifully done manual on surfing maneuvers Originally published at The Watershed-UK.
SurfTopKayaker.Net's Surf Section
- Visit all our kayak surfing articles for helpful advice from those skilled in the sport.

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