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KayakSailor Up-wind sail
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We carry a wide variety of kayak sails and hardware to outfit your kayak for sailing. You will find here the JNR Do-it-yourself kayak sail with our exclusive hardware packs, Windpaddle Sails, KayakSailor up-wind kayak sail & the Pacific Action Sails.
Primex Deluge
Converting The Primex Deluge Kayak Sail
by Tom Holtey
How to convert the Primex/Deluge V-Sail to a self-standing sail
Catalina At Last

by Robert O. Hess.
After two years of dreaming, planning, building, my first crossing and circumnavigation of Catalina Island.

Kayak Sailor
Up-wind Kayak Sail

In a nutshell I can say WOW! This KayakSailor kayak sail has raised the bar for kayak sail rigs.

Windbag 2013
Windbag Regatta
Masters 2013

Tom shares the thrill of the race.
Kite Sailing
Go Sail A Kite!

Complete instruction on how to kayak sail with a parafoil kite.
Catalina Revisited

by There & Back Again-More adventures mastering the crossing to Catalina & return to San Pedro.
sailing history
In Search of the Perfect Sailing Sit-On-Top
Kayak Part I

By Robert O. Hess-: the
impact of sailing history.
Scupper pro
In Search of the Perfect Sailing Sit-On-Top
Kayak - Part II

Buying a boat and sail separately, or a fully-rigged sailing kayak.
In Search of the Perfect Sailing Sit-On-Top
Kayak - Part III

Removable leeboard
& technique.
In Search of the Perfect Sailing Sit-On-Top
Kayak - Part IV

Refining amas, leeboard
& rudder systems.
Mast step-amas
Making A Slip-on Mast Step & Amas For Kayak Sailing
Adapting a Scupper Pro Kayak for seacoast sailing.
PA Sail
Pacific Action Sails Revisited
For those who have no prior experience with PA sails, answers basic questions.
Vee sail
Kayak Sailing
with a Vee Sail

A Vee Sail is a down wind sail. Review of the Primex / Deluge Kayak Sail.
Feathercraft Java &
Pacific Action Sail

A field review of these folding sit-on-tops outfitted for sailing.
Andy LyneConfigurations For
Kayak Sailing

Experimenting with sails, double amas, single amas and lee boards.
Drifter Sailing
Outfitting a Drifter

Phillip Dang of Hui Wa'a Kaukahi, Honolulu's Kayak Club, shares his unique sailing rig.
Wind Paddle
Kayak Sail Review

Flexible, virtually
unbreakable plastic.
Windbag Regatta
A Windbag for the Ages

The Annual Windbag Regatta - Includes a slide show of the competing sailing kayaks.
Do It Yourself Kayak
Sail Instructions

A simple do-it-yourself
kayak sail and alternative to some of the more expensive readymade kits.

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