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Here at TopKayaker.Net we welcome submissions of non-commercial articles and photos for sharing; however, if you have a business that brings you into contact with important aspects of kayaking that establishes your expertise in the subject matter, we can work with that. For instance, if you have a kayak school and write about paddling technique; that would be great.

The articles should be about something of worth, and of original authorship.

  • We do not support "info-mercials".
  • We do pay for articles and we do register you at Tom's TopKayaker Shop with a contributing writer discount of 10% should you at any time in the future decide to shop.
  • We link to your chosen website.
  • We hope to include an author's profile.

Corresponding with us through Email is the best way to start the process. Ideas to get you started are listed below.

Ideally, articles center around the use of kayaks, kayak or canoe trips or paddling in mixed fleets are interesting too. Articles should have some inspirational or instructional value. Send it in an email or as a Microsoft Word Document attached to an email. We have scanning specifications for photos & maps, so once an article is accepted, we will make arrangements to either assist you with that or request an actual print or slide of the photo.

Proper credit for all documents and photos will be respected and annotated. You retain ownership of your story and photos and can publish them elsewhere if you like. We strongly recommend, however, since we are an archive site, that if your article is published online - as edited by us - you provide them instead with an abbreviate version and a link back to the article here with something like "read complete story at TopKayaker.net". This is mainly to cut down on search engine references to the article, confusing the search.

All aspects of kayaking and the outdoor situations that occur while paddling are of interest: from packing your boat for a ten day trip to the proper handling of food in the great outdoors. The following subjects are of the greatest interest:

  • Kayak Touring, places & details
  • Clubs, tell us about yours
  • Nature Issues
  • Kayak Eco Touring , places & details
  • Kayak Diving & Snorkeling Experiences
  • Kayak Fishing
  • Kayak Repairs & Modifications
  • Paddling Conditions, handling them
  • Kayak Surfing
  • Boat loading, camping etc.
  • Rescues
  • Equipment Reviews & Tips
  • Solo Touring
  • Technique Instruction
  • Family Paddling


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