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Lights Compared
Kayak Lights Compared
We tested a handful of common kayak lights, used as navigation and marker lights

Paddling Safety in Severe Conditions
by Michael Pagliarulo
An editorial inspired by
unfortunate, all too common events

Rescue On The Upper Guadalupe River
White water kayak clubs assist in daring rescues following a torrential downpour that floods the Upper Guadalupe River

chilren drowning
How To Recognize & Assist A Drowning Child - remains the second greatest cause of accidental death ages 1 to 14

Kayak lights
Kayak Lights & Kayak Lighting Techniques For Dawn, Dusk & Night Paddling
What you need to know about how to light your kayak properly.

Fall kayaking
Fall Paddling Fun & Precautions A practical guide for the unique preparations required for kayakers to get the most out of the season.
Hydration & Preventing Dehydra-
tion, Heat Exhaustion, Hyponatremia

leads to fatigue, errors that may put us at jeapardy as kayakers.
Water purify
How To Purify Wilderness Water & Stow Water on a Kayak
Hydration systems and purification methods to make sure your fluid intake solutions are just a sip away.
The PFD Knife, Don't Leave Home Without It
Trevor Gardner explores the reasons to carry a knife while sea kayaking in this essay.

Kayak Rescue Procedures In Mixed Fleets Learn how you can rescue a sit-in kayaker using your sit-on-top when in mixed fleets.

Kayak Towing Methods & Equipment
An important safety skill. Open water towing and WW towing are completely different.
Learn signs, symptoms, treatment as well as preparation and prevention.
Signal Devices
Signal Devices Part I Detailed review of available and appropriate signal devices for the kayaker and proper use.
PFDs - Life Vests: Life Saving Reasons To Wear One How To Choose The Best For You & Your Children" by Stan Bradshaw.
Harbor kayaking
Harbor Kayaking: The In's & Out's Lessons everyone should be prepared to put to use whether you paddle near busy Harbors or not.
Dive Flag
Dive Flags Divers must use a dive flag for safety and it's the law! Snorklers, free divers and even swimmers can benefit from a flag too.
Paddle Signals
Signal Devices Part II Paddle and arm signals for the kayaker and proper use.

Cold weather
Cold Water & Water-sports Clothing Protection For The Modern Kayaker Extend your paddling season Prepare with proper clothing and some basic principles.

Individual Paddler Prep List Be prepared for general group paddling situations and our Safe Kayaking Check List.
Cold Climate
Cold Climate Kayaking
Learn how to extend your season. It is a myth that sit-on-tops can only be used in the warm months of summer or tropical locations.
"Helmet? I Don't Need No Stinking Helmet!" As told by Greg C. of Ocean City Maryland. An entertaining yet educating narrative.
VHF Radios
VHF Marine Radios & Com Devices For the Kayaker by Tom Holtey
Stirrup reentry
Trouble Getting ON? See Paddle Float and Rescue-Stirrup Re-EntryTechnique for Sit-on-top Kayakers
10 Years of Sea Kayaking To Learn This - things go horribly wrong but great lessons are learned in this Best of The Forum thread.

Beaufort Windscale for Kayakers A table to help you estimate windspeed by observing the water conditions; or estimate water conditions by listening to windspeeds in a weather report.

Paddling in Lightning and Rain A club paddle goes electric and kayaker's group skills are put to the test. Included in our feature story are suggested readings and a summation of Lessons Learned. pfd
Proper Care & Feeding Of Your PFD by Stan Brandshaw - What not to do.
Paddling in Traffic and Judging Collision Course
Indepth article in two parts of traffic situations and simple techniques for avoiding collisions

Meeting Preditors While Kayaking or "How To Avoid Becoming Shark Bait" A guide for kayakers in respect to preditors and how to avoid attacks.

Wetsuits for Sit-on-top Kayak Surfing by Steve Eisenhauer
How to stay comfortable all year round.
child pfd
Properly Fitting A Child To A PFD or Life Vest
Life Vests for kids are sized based on the weight of the child. There are three basic sizes
pfd guide
TopKayaker PFD Guide
The wide selection and range of life vest types can be confusing. With a little bit of wisdom under your belt you can know the ins and outs.
Group paddling
Group Paddling Techniques Put together a group paddle right. All the details of organizing a group paddle, from choosing Lead and Sweep Paddlers to coordinating a "Float Plan."
Adaptive paddling
Kayaker's Guide To Avoiding Injury & Paddling With Disabilities, Injuries & Pain Outfit your boat to fit your body.

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