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Nature Issues For Kayakers
Cruising with the Dragonflies
by Celeste A.S. Mazzacano.
PEI Cori Ryan
Kayak Diving with California's Central Coast Star Fish
by Terry Lilly
Sea Otter Survival -Their Impact Along the Pacific Coast
Sea otters were hunted nearly to extinction, measures have allowed population recovery
Shark tagging
Shark Tagging By Kayak
The slaughter of 100 million sharks a year has severe repercussions for the whole marine ecosystem - By Simon Everett
Thailand recovers
After The Deluge
Here is a Phuket kayak outfitter's account of the December 26, 2004 Tsunami that devastated Indian Ocean coastlines.
sea turtles
Paddling Among Sea Turtles in Pulau Banyak, Indonesia
Recovering from the 04 Tsunami, an important nesting ground for sea turtles in Southeast Asia.
The Charles
Dramatic improvements in the pollution due to non-profit organizations and volunteers are evident today.
Florida's Winter Manatee Migration
- Manatees migration inland presents kayakers with both interaction and a responsibility toward preservation
Artist boat
Artist Boat of Galveston, Texas

Utilizing kayaks to help youth appreciate the environmental challenges facing the Galveston, TX area.
Sea Cave Basics
Dave Bunnell has explored and surveyed over 500 sea caves. Sea caves may be gentle or treacherous to explore.
Water-keepers: A History
Poignant account of great efforts by a few fishermen resulting in global changes in the way our waterways are protected & preserved.
Manatee Interaction Guide For Kayakers - Including Choosing An Outfitter
Important guidlines for Kayaking with Manatees including videos and links.
Polluted waters
Protecting Our Waters From Polluted Run-off
One quart of oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water! Learn how you can avoid becoming a polluter.
Wildlife Viewing & Photography Tips
Andrew Thompson of Wild Light Images shares tips on how to properly get the best experience and photographs.
Wildlife rules
Rules of The Wild
Close encounters with wildlife that tempt and engage the kayaker & suggestions on proper interaction.

Almost Gone...But Not Forgotten:
An Iraqi Kayaker Remembers His Homeland As A Paddler's Paradise Interview with Azzam & Dr. Suzie Alwash; April 12, 2003

The Great Oswe-gatchie Canoe Wilderness
Learn how ecology and business profit from this Sierra Club proposal...and how you can help.
Kayak Anna
Kayak Anna
Lina Lukashevich -
shares water quality concerns with future kayakers in her book "Kayak Anna and the Palindrome Creek".
Invasive Species in Kauai
- Fish brought in will cause us to loose all our reef fish in Hanalei and along most of Kauai's coastline within 30 years!
Galapagos Island Kayaking
by Cori Ryan
Once in a lifetime paddling adventures among the Galapagos Islands.
Terry Lilley
Kayak Diving for Marine Research on California's Central Coast
Terry Lilley shares adventures kayak diving off the California coast.
Rim Lake Cleanup
day organized by the Fayetteville Area Anglers Network(FAAN) of Fayetteville, North Carolina.
How To Avoid Becoming Shark Bait
- A Guide For Kayakers Against Shark, Alligator or Crocodile Attacks"

Oil In Our Oceans - New Report Highlights the Impacts of Oil Spills on Marine Invertebrates by Matthew Shepherd

Terry Lilley
Kayak Diving for Marine Research on Niihau ~ Black Coral by Marine Biologist Terry Lilley

Sit-on-tops and River Cleanup
by Eric Barcley

Legend of the Dam

By Eric Barcley

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