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Fayetteville Area Anglers Network
(FAAN) of North Carolina
Our members are people from all walks of life that enjoy all types of fishing; from wading the mountain streams in western North Carolina to chasing giant Bluefin Tuna off the Cape Hatteras coastline. The FAAN welcomes anyone who wishes learn more about fishing and grow make and grow friendships while doing so.

FAANOur Mission is to strive to work within the community to promote and protect the sport of recreational fishing to ensure future generations. We provide a website to educate and keep the Fayetteville Fishing Community informed of events, opportunities, and issues that affect the sport of fishing in North Carolina.

Wounded Warrior ProgramWe strive to promote a sense of community and fellowship among Anglers by mentoring and volunteering to assist other Anglers to improve their skills. An example of this is our participation in the Wounded Warrior Program sponsored by the Pechmann Fishing Education Center and includes any active duty military member, and their families, as well as the North Carolina Handicapped Sportsman Association.

We encourage lasting friendships by sharing fishing trips and adventures with one another. The Fayetteville Anglers Network provides our members with learning opportunities to develop fishing skills for all types of fishing through lectures, seminars, and workshops.

We support and promote conservation of our fisheries and abide by North Carolina Fishing and Boating Regulations. It is our intent to provide each member with the most opportunities possible to experience and enjoy fishing and to deliver those opportunities at little or no cost to our members.

Rim Lake Cleanup
by Eddie Mathis of FAAN

FAANKayakers Help In Local lake Clean-Up

Kayakers, canoeist, anglers, scouts and Rogue Roller girls, all came out to the third biannual Lake Rim clean up day organized by the Fayetteville Area Anglers Network(FAAN) of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

This is something that we started last year to help maintain our only public access fishing lake in Fayetteville.

Rim CleanupThe parking areas and the two fishing piers on the lake have in the past been a place to dump trash and the focus of other illicit activities.

The members of the FAAN decided to do something about it.

We put the word out on face book and in the community of the date and time of the clean up. We also invited participants to bring kayaks, canoes and small John boat to aid in this effort.

We had a great turn out for all three events and we collected a ton of trash.

Kayakers and canoeist filled bags of trash and brought them to the "Trash Barge" a John boat use to collect the full bags and issue new bags. This kept the boaters from having to paddle back to shore each time they filled a bag.

Cub Scouts and other concerned citizens from the Fayetteville Beautiful Campaign policed the areas from shore.

By the end of the day there was a john boat filled with trash, to include old chairs and tires that the kayakers brought in from the lake.

Rim Lake is now a very pretty lake that parents can bring there kids to teach them to fish, without fear of what they might find or have to explain to there children.

It is also a place that is easily accessible. Kayaker and canoeist can now come and enjoy fishing or just paddling in a beautiful setting.

~ Eddie Mathis, originally from Ft Worth Texas, came to North Carolina "with Uncle Sam". He was stationed at Ft. Bragg in the 82nd Air Borne Div for a little over 13 years and retired out of the Army after 21 years. "Now I am just an old retired Paratrooper with all the aches and pains that leads to". He is married with three grown and gone girls, has fished all his life but just recently got into kayaking. He and his wife, Sharon bought kayaks about 3 years ago and love them. Sharon is in the pink Venus in the pictures. He says the closest thing to work he does now is volunteer at the John E. Pechmann Fishing Education Center, with the Wounded Warriors, and participate in other classes that are held there; and, of course, the clean ups with the FAAN and Fayetteville Beautiful campaign.

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