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Interviews that give credit to the architects of the newest & fastest growing branch of the paddlesports industry.

Aloha 'Oe, Audrey Sutherland 1921 - 2015
Contributed by Tamsen Venn
One Woman, One Kayak, One Continent - A Book Review by Helen Workman
Tim Gallaway
Tim Gallaway's Expedition To The Sea
Interview By Contributing Writer, Cecilia Potts

Georg Jackstadt

The Pioneer Kayaker of Sumatra

Epic Voyage
Book Review by Tom Holtey:
"An Epic Voyage" by Robert Meyer
The Work of William Nealy
The late white water expert & cartoonist continues to inspire & educate new generations of paddlers through his books.

Sit-on-top Demo Night
..or Confessions of a Sit-on-top Kayak Evangelist Henry E. Dorfman shares finding demo day options & his kayak club's beginnings in Ohio.
kayka 4 kids
Kayaks 4 Kidz™
Youth Sports Camp, Marina del Rey, California is a free summer community service to boys and girls.
Audrey Sutherland
Preparation: The Key For Going It Alone...Or In A Group
Audrey Sutherland is fondly thought of as the founder of kayaking in Hawaii

A Combo of Cabos:
Niemier put his imagination to the test when asked to design a rig to trace the drainage of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia
Terry Lilley
Kayak Diving for Marine Research on California's Central Coast
Terry Lilley shares adventures kayak diving off the California coast.
Ron Bass
Kayaker Rescues Shark Victim
Special education teacher at Wailuku Elementary School, rescued fifty-six year old when a shark attacks.

The Dennis Spike Story
A pioneer of sit-on-top kayak fishing & the founder of the most popular kayak fishing forum.

Almost Gone...But Not Forgotten:

An Iraqi Kayaker Remembers His Homeland As A Paddler's Paradise.

Vancouver Island
102 Days Alone Around Vancouver Island
A Northwest Fly Fisherman provides solo adventures for ambitious kayakers.
Venezia Italy
How I Became A Rougue
Gioanni of Italy tells of his conversion from a traditional kayaker to a "sit-on-topper."


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