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Ocean Kayak Peekaboo
How to Plan the Perfect Family Kayak Trip
by Jamie Stewart
kayak caving
Exploring Caves By Kayak Sea Cave safety and prerequisites for enjoying this exciting aspect of sea kayaking.
kids kayaking
Kayaking with Kids
A Practical Guide To Kayaks, Gear & Having Fun Paddling With Your Children
kids kayak fishing
Introducing Kids To Kayak Fishing Mike shares his practical approach with his own children and some great photos.
formations & communications
Group Kayaking: Formations & Com-munications for Clubs, guided tours, casually with buddies or as instructor.


Traditional Kayak Paddles
by Curt Gashlin

Kayak Car Top 101 Part V
Car Topping Tips
& Suggestions

Final installment on our Car Topping series.
Curtis Gashlin
Greenland Paddles For The Modern Day Paddler
by Curtis Gashlin

Trimming Your Kayak and Canoe by Steve Eisenhauer
Using a GPS that can accurately gauge speed to trim your kayak and canoe
Paddle Further,
with Less Effort:

A Basic Primer on Endurance Technique by Graham Ulmer, Race Team Coach
Part II: Posture, Setup, Arms and Blade Mechanics Paddle Further, with Less Effort: A Basic Primer on Endurance Technique by Graham Ulmer Race Team Coach
paddle straight
The Straight and Narrow Path For Kayakers
Learn how to paddle a kayak in a straight line and improve your skill & kayak's tracking
Installing a Rudder on a Sit-inside Kayak and Using a Gudgeon
Rebuilding the Yakima Rudder
crossing currents
Crossing Currents & Calculating Ferry Angles A paddler must angle into the current. Tom teaches methods for calculating how.

Rescue On The Upper Guadalupe River
White water kayak clubs assist in daring rescues

Frank Ladd
Kayak Stability by Frank Ladd
A lot of people searching for new boats sometimes ask, "How can I tell if a kayak is too tippy for me?"

Measure Hatch
Kayak Hatch Replacement Options
Part II - Deckplates
Lost a kayak hatch?
What now?
Seat compare
Choosing Sit-on-top Kayak Seats, Knee Straps, Paddle Leashes - A suppliment to our Accessories Installation articles

Who needs a Greenland Mentor?
By Curtis Gashlin
WS Tarpon 100
Kayak Seat Comfort
~ Sit-on and Sit-in ~
by Frank Ladd
Part I - Achieving Comfort By Improving Your Cockpit's Outfitting
comfort checklist
Kayak Comfort Checklist
An overview of sit inside and sit-on-top options


Traditional Kayak Paddles
by Curt Gashlin

Greenland Paddles

Euro Paddle or Greenland Paddle? by Curtis Gashlin

Using A Kayak Cart How to strap a kayak cart onto your kayak properly with diagrams.
Car topping
Kayak Car Topping 101 - Part I Tieing down a kayak Part II - Sport Rack Systems - Part III - add ons like rollers & j-cradles - Part IV Types of kayaks vs vehicles
rudder use
When To Get A Kayak Rudder & How To Use It Detailed study on whether a kayker should invest in a rudder.
watersports clothing
Watersports Clothing: A BUYER'S GUIDE FOR KAYAKERS
Illustrated guide to fabric types & brands, charts for a variety of weather & climate situations.
kayaking with your dog
K-9 Kayaking Excellent detailed article about kayaking with your dog by the Director of Dog Scouts of America.
hull design
Kayak Design Terminology Defined Terms used to describe the various hull shapes and other design characteristics.

group paddling
Individual Paddler Respon-
sibility List
Whether you paddle alone or in a group, be prepared. We've added The Safe Kayaking Check List to round out the lesson.

Paddling in Traffic & Judging Collision Course Boat traffic situations with diagrams, and techniques for avoiding collisions
Kayak Use & Design Features Answers the question on how kayak design features influence Perfomance
demo daze
DEMO DAZE Kayaks are just like cars, there are many to choose from. Learn how to find & make the most of kayak demo days in your area.
Finding, Starting, & Enjoying A Sit-on-top Friendly Kayak Club
, Off-Season & On
Group Paddling Techniques
Group Kayak Expeditions: Planning & Procedures Putting together a group paddle right. Details of organizing a group paddle.

kayak lights
Kayak Lights & Kayak Lighting Techniques For Dawn, Dusk & Night Paddling What you need to know about how to light your kayak properly.

How-To Videos for Kayak Repair
Here are several videos by Tom Holtey to help you make modifications to your kayak.
Getting the paddle sports education you need. How To Find Sit-on-top Kayak Lessons
Stirrup reentry
Trouble Getting ON? See Paddle Float and Rescue-Stirrup Re-EntryTechnique for Sit-on-top Kayakers
Sit-on-top kayak lessons are being offered by TopKayaker.Net with ACA Certified instructor Tom Holtey.
packing your kayak
Packing Your Sit-on-top For Camping & Touring Properly storing your gear into your kayak to be ensured of good paddling performance.
tandem kayaking
Tandem Sit-on-top Kayaking: How To Avoid A Mutiny Here are some basics to help Tandem paddlers get started off on the right "seat."
choosing a kayak
How To Choose A Sit-on-top Kayak with info on  How To Decide On Gear
harbor kayaking
Harbor Kayaking: The In's & Out's
An side trip after a storm at sea teaches many lessons.
kayak knife
The PFD Knife, Don't Leave Home Without It The reasons to carry a knife while sea kayaking in this entertaining essay.
Tandem kayaking
Solo, Tandem Kayak Re-entry Getting back on your kayak from deep water is one of the most important things that you need to know.
deep water
Deep Water Re-entry Special problems with re-entry are addressed here as an exchange between novice and expert sit-on-top kayakers.
Kayak Towing Methods & Equipment
Towing is an important safety skill. Open water towing and WW towing are completely different.
VHF radios
VHF Marine Radios & Commun-
ication Devices

For the Kayaker by Tom Holtey
choosing a kayak
Kayak Quick Search & research tool to our database of all known sit-on-top kayak models - both old and new.
choosing a paddle
How To Choose A Kayak Paddle Quite often we think we are unhappy with our kayak when it is the paddle that is all wrong.
Planning Your Route and Finding Your Way with Kayak Navigation Using a chart and compass will allow you to find your way through unfamiliar territory.
cold weather
Cold Weather Clothing and Paddling Tips Extend your paddling season by preparing with proper clothing and basic principles.
Sit-on-top Demo Night or Confessions of a Sit-on-top Kayak Evangelist By Henry E. Dorfman of Cincypaddlers
Fat yaker
Ode To A Fat Kayaker - A fun story for anyone who thinks they are too fat to yak.

Balance Drills
by Graham Ulmer Race Team Coach ~ posted November 2017
kayak rack
Storing Your Sit-on-top Kayak How to properly store our sit-on-tops when not in use-The proper storage method for polyethylene and composite boats.

SmartTrack Toe Pilot Install on kayaks with no inner hull access-Drilling an access hole how-to
Paddling In Wind, Waves & Surf by Tom Holtey Learn about wind & wave dynamics. Includes useful tools for landing, launching & open water kayaking.
dock entry
Dock Entry & Exit With A Sit-on-top Kayak How do you handle getting off and on a dock with your sit-on-top kayak?

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