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Introduction to Inflatable Kayaks

How to decide to buy. Over the years they have developed into packable paddle craft, from sea touring and river running kayaks to simple recreational use.

Parts and Accessories

Inflatable Kayak Parts & Accessories Most inflatable kayaks have the same basic construction - but parts & accessories are unique from their hard shell cousins.

Basic Use and CareInflatable Kayaks - Basic Use & Care Give yourself uncompromised time and space when inspecting and assembling your brand new kayak and its gear for the first time.

Feathercraft Pacific Action Sail

Feathercraft Java & Pacific Action Sail by Duncan Sayers A field review of these folding sit-on-tops outfitted for sailing.

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Helios SoloHelios DoubleSafariSunny

-Inflatable Boats: Selection, Care, Repair, and Seamanship by Jim Trefethen
ISBN: 007065252X
-The Complete Inflatable Kayaker

(white water only) by Jeff Bennett
ISBN: 0070054282
-Guide to Inflatable Canoes & Kayaks
ISBN: 0890372098
-Inflatable Kayak Handbook
ISBN: 1555660789
-Inflatable Kayaking: The Complete Guide
ISBN: 0811728102


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