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Wesley Steiner
5 Reasons...
by Wesley Steiner of Bassfishermansguide.com
What to look for in a Kayak Fishing Guide
by Jim Sammons of La Jolla Kayak Fishing, California
Review of Kayak Fishing for Tarpon w/ Ken Daubert
Tom's review of a show that any fisherman will enjoy.
Paddling with One Hand, Fishing with the Other...? Daubert teaches you an excerpt from "Kayak Fishing, The Revolution."
Two Simple Gidelines For Kayak Divers & Fisherpersons Essential article by Tom Holtey about getting started: What you need to know before you load up your boat with your gear and go. Scotty
The Ultimate Fishing Kayak - Fully Loaded

Scotty Products diagram of what's available for Kayak Fishermen
Invasive Species in Kauai - Fish brought in will cause us to loose all our reef fish in Hanalei and along most of Kauai's coastline within 30 years!
Angler Kayaks - How To Outfit A Kayak With Gear by Tom Holtey - How any kayak can be used for fishing.
Power Lock Rod Holder w/ Base

Rod holders & more at Tom's Shop

Choosing a Kayak for Fishing & Tips on Gear
- two part article on how to choose the right fishing kayak.

State by State Directory of Fish & Game
Fishing & Hunting rules & licensing for Fishermen & Seasonal Touring plans.
jim sammons
Launching & Landing In Surf by Jim Sammons
Excellent advice on landing and launching through surf for kayak fishermen.

Outfitting A Kayak For Crabbing by Chuck Espiritu - Techniques and equipment suggestions here for the kayak crabbing enthusiast.

Introducing Kids To Kayak Fishing Mike Kogan shares his practical approach with his own children and some great photos.

Choosing a Kayak for Fishing & Tips on Gear
By John Barrell of Barrell Surf & Kayak, New Jersey (photo by Stubb)

Yak Attack! By John D. Clapp - A La Jolla fisherman hires a guide to help him find out if kayak fishing is for him.

A History
A account of great efforts by a few fishermen resulting in global changes in the way our waterways are protected & preserved.

The Dennis Spike Story A pioneer of sit-on-top kayak fishing, Dennis Spike is the founder of the most popular kayak fishing Internet resource on the web.

Blue crab
Yes Virginia, You Can Crab From A Kayak Alabama blue crab! Catching your own crabs is more than fun - catch gumbo or a large crab boil!

The Mosquito Lagoon
Grass Flats
By M. Stubblefield "Stubb," A Florida fisherman learns persistence pays off in learning to kayak fish.

Review: The Kayak Fishing Video. Famed kayak fisherman Dennis Spike's instruction video reviewed.

A November Week In The Life of Florida's Kayak Anglers. Some of us are hanging up our paddles for the season while Florida's Kayak Fishing Community is going strong.

Thinking of trading your paddle in for peddles? Some pro's & con's of the new Peddel Kayaks: The Hobie Outback Reviewed by Joe Strong

SHARK TAGGING BY KAYAK - Catch & Release Program - The slaughter of 100 million sharks a year has severe repercussions for the whole marine ecosystem.

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