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kayak drain plugs
Kayak Drain Plugs
Determine the correct replacement drain plug for your kayak.
Used Kayaks
Buying A Used Kayak
by Alex of KayakCritic.net

Second Hand Kayak Inspection Check List:
by Tom Holtey

Kayak Rudder Cable Connection Options by Tom Holtey There are several ways to connect control cables to your rudder system.
Neoprene covers
Kayak Hatch Replacement Options
Part III - Neoprene Double Cover Systems
How-To Videos for Kayak Repair
Here are several videos by Tom Holtey to help you make modifications to your kayak.
Measure Hatch
Kayak Hatch Replacement Options
Part II - Deckplates
Lost a kayak hatch?
What now?
Rubber Covers at TopKayaker Shop

Kayak Hatch Replacement Options - Part I - Rubber Covers

Home made hatch
Making A Fiberglass Hatch Mold They say "necessity is the mother of invention" or in this case at least the mother of preventing my sinking due to a missing front hatch on my classic Scupper.
Smart track rudder
The SealLine Smart Track Rudder System A rudder system with solid foot braces and toe operated rudder control, claims to have remedied many kayak ruddering ailments.
Knee straps on a kayak
Backrests, Knee straps, Paddle Leashes Your sit-on-top kayak is naked without the basic accessories. Here's everything you need to know to choose the right accessories.
Strap eyes-wellnuts-rivets
Basics of Strap-eyes, Rivets, and Wellnuts
For Customization & Repair of Your Kayak.
How to work with the hardware involved.
Cobra A Hatch
Installing the A Style Hatch
The Cobra A Hatch may fit other kayak makes and models, but a careful assessment of the deck space will have to made.
Rudder Installation
How To Install A Rudder On A Sit-on-top Kayak
Detailed instructions with photos. This also serves as a suppliment to the Yakima-Perception rudder instructions.
Wood kayak
Building Your Own Sit-on-top Kayak Here are some leads that our combined experience have shown to be reputable to work with for the adventurous sit-on-top kayak builder.

Eye splice
How to make an EYE SPLICE Bowlines, anchor ropes-Quick method to make an end loop of hollow core braided rope.

6 inch kayak hatch installation
Six Inch Hatch InstallDetailed instruction with photos for installing a hatch in your plastic kayak.

Kayak Modification For Disabilities
Kayaking With A Disability
Kayak paddle and backrest adaptations for the sit-on-top to become the paddle craft of choice for disability programs.
Large hatch maintenance
Maintenance of Large Cargo Hatches Large size hatches on touring kayaks can be problematic in maintaining a waterproof seal at times.
kayak carry strap
Kayak Carry Straps
Uses, Adaptations & Instructions.
A quick, non-bulky, way to carry your kayak?
kayak rack
Storing Your Sit-on-top Kayak How to properly store our sit-on-tops when not in use-The proper storage method for polyethylene and composite boats.
Inflatable Kayak Parts
Most inflatable kayaks have the same basic construction - but parts & accessories are unique from their hard shell cousins.
Inflatable Kayaks - Basic Use & Care Give yourself time and space when inspecting and assembling your inflatable kayak for the first time.
rudder part
Rebuilding A Scupper Pro Kayak Rudder One of the few rudders that holds up well in the surf zone but the bungee cords are very likely to fail.
Repair Damaged Kayak Hull Material by Callum Boase. Proper methods & materials for repairing plastic, fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber.

SmartTrack Toe Pilot Install ON SOT's WITH NO INNER HULL ACCESS
Drilling an access hole how-to
comfort checklist
Kayak Comfort Checklist
An overview of sit inside and sit-on-top options
WS Tarpon 100
Kayak Seat Comfort
~ Sit-on and Sit-in ~
by Frank Ladd
Part I - Achieving Comfort By Improving Your Cockpit's Outfitting

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